• What's New?


    I have decided that the original purpose for this page is no longer necessary. When I started it, there were very few places to find information about using Adobe Premiere Pro,finding audio or video resources, or even video related hardware.


    That has all changed now.


    So, over time, this page is going to transition to being my personal page for video and photography. I will still post the occasional tip, tutorial, and whatnot and I will still keep a Premiere Pro page for a while yet.


    I thank the many people who have come to this site over the last dozen years looking for information. However, soon I will rearrange the pages and just have two categories, photo and video. I may keep a link to the old info pages. We'll see.


  • My editing PC


    I purchased my PC from http://www.adkvideoediting.com/ primarily because of how much Eric hangs out around the Adobe forums answering questions and just generally making himself useful. Eric challenged all of my assumptions and I sincerely believe that I ended up with a better PC for the money that I might have on my own.


    Case - ADK Tower (bigger than any I have ever had)

    Top Power - Striker 850W, up to 94% efficiency, 5-year Warranty

    ADK - Core i7 SB-E Motherboard: 4 PCIex16, 2 PCIe, up to 64Gig Ram

    Intel - Core i7 3930K Processor: Overclocked to 4.5GHz w/12M cache

    Intel - Liquid Cooler (self-contained unit, quiet)

    Noctua NF-S12 1200 RPM 120mm Quiet Case fan

    DDR3 4G 1600 memory 1.65v 9-9-9-24 (32G total)

    GeForce - GTX670 4GB 256-bit PCI Express video card

    Intel - 240GB 520 Series SSD Hard Drive: 550 read/520 write (OS)

    WD 2TB Sata HDD 64meg cache sata 600 - 2 in RAID 0 (Media)

    WD 2TB Sata HDD 64meg cache sata 600 - 2 in RAID 0 (Cache)

    WD 2TB Sata HDD 64meg cache sata 600 - 1 (Scratch)

    Asus - BW-12B1ST Internal Blu-ray Writer

    Siig - Firewire 2-Port PCIe card. Firewire 1394a.

    Microsoft - Windows 7 Pro 64-bit OEM software.


    I also had them provide a second SSD for an alternate boot drive so I can safely test new software without worrying about having to completely reinstall everything if something goes wrong. Although it will probably just end up being my Windows 8 test drive.


    I took the test at http://www.ppbm5.com and came out number two for people using CS6. I fell to #3 less than a month later and I will continue to fall as PCs get faster and faster. All in all I am quite pleased with the results. The actual score was not that important, or the rating. It merely means that my PC is operating within expected parameters.


    I really love the fact that I can turn on the PC and it is ready to load apps in under two minutes. The SSD boot drive really helps. I can have Premiere Pro open with the PPBM5 project file open in less than 6 seconds. I can open Photoshop from within Premiere Pro and have it ready to go in less than that. Just what I was looking for in the way of hard drive performance.


    As long as I was at it, I upgraded from two 17" monitors to two 24" (1920X1080) monitors. (My wife's idea!) They pretty much take up all of the space on the desk but I can finally edit HD on an HD screen.


  • About Me


    I am reasonably certain that you know by now that my name is Steven Gotz.


    I received contributing writer credit for the PeachPit Press book "Premiere Pro 1.5 for Windows : Visual QuickPro Guide", providing the information required to upgrade the previous version to Premiere Pro 1.5. That book had over 1000 screen shots.


    I also produced Learning Adobe Premiere Pro 1.5 for the lynda.com online learning library™.   Learning Adobe Premiere Pro 1.5 with Steven Gotz is a movie-based tutorial designed to teach beginning users how to make the most of Adobe’s non-linear video editing application. The tutorial starts out with basic skills such as creating a new project, capturing footage, basic editing, and adding effects, and then moves on to more advanced topics such as exporting a project to different formats. The tutorial's sample footage allows users to start editing right away and practice turning raw footage into a finished product. Click on the link above to view the free sample movies, then sign up for web based training.


    Both of these projects led to other  behind the scenes work for lynda.com  and other companies. I am not a  particularly creative guy by nature, but I can spot other people's mistakes quite easily so I make a decent book editer. I write a lot of instructions, and I am quite good at following them, so I am a good choice for reviewing other people's tutorials for accuracy. My specialty is finding solutions to problems, which is why I like to hang out on the  forums answering questions - many of which I didn't know the answer to until I did a bit of research. Sometimes lots of research.


    My day job is in telecommunications. Now and then I get a chance to combine  video and telecom into something useful for my employer. Hopefully that will come about more and more often as time goes on.


    I have been married to a wonderful woman for 25 years.  We live in San Lorenzo California. Laura works with children and I work out of a Central Office in Downtown Oakland.

    • My Adobe Premiere Pro 1.5 tutorials are on Lynda.com - check them out!  The DVD is no longer available. (Insert sigh of disappointment here.) However, You can still view them online for $25 per month or buy the yearly service for a discount. There are also a lot of Premiere Pro CC tutorials available  as well as tutorials for other popular software. So it is probably time to sign up if you haven't already.


  • Why did I create this site?


    Back in 2002 I decided that I was spending too much time in front of a computer playing games, and basically just wasting time.


    My wife and I were heading to Italy for a vacation, and I decided that I should buy a camcorder to shoot some video while we were there. I figured that since I needed a new PC anyway, I would buy the camera and the software from Dell along with a new PC. Since Dell sold me the camera, they would have to support it. Right?


    Well, fortunately I didn't need their support, but the software they supplied just didn't let me edit the footage I shot in Italy the way I thought I should be able to edit it. So I bought some other software. That didn't work quite right for me either.


    Then I ran across a free trial of Adobe Premiere 6.0 and I was able to create a halfway decent vacation video. Premiere let me edit the way I wanted to edit. To be honest, I didn't really care how other people edited. In fact, I didn't have a clue as to how anyone else did anything. I just knew what I wanted.


    There were very few tutorials available in 2002. But the people on the Adobe forums were able to point me in the correct direction. I spent a lot of time asking questions and trying to understand the answers. I read all of the messages, thinking that I could learn from other people's questions.


    One day I came across a question that I knew the answer to. I answered it and I was immediately addicted. I love helping people and this seemed like something that would enhance my new hobby.


    I traveled almost constantly back then, and this was before we had wireless cards for our laptops, and before the hotels even had Internet connections in the rooms. There were a couple of computers in the business office of the hotel I stayed in a lot so I pretty much took over one of them four nights per week. But I needed my list of links to help answer questions. I couldn't add my bookmarks to the PC because it was not possible from the guest account. So I got a free web site and put all my links on there. Problem solved.


    I used to point out the links on my site instead of answering some of the same old questions over and over. And I had some examples I had posted. I remember the first time I saw someone else point out my web site as a resource when answering a question. I was amazed, but quite pleased.


    About a year later someone told me that when they tried to go to my free page they got redirected. One of the free site's servers went down and the links all just sent people to some other site on a different server from the same provider. Well, I couldn't have that so I started looking for a web site name that had something to do with video. I finally gave up after an exhaustive search. So I decided to pay for a web site and go with stevengotz.com as a fall back position.


    This new design layout is the second major overhaul in a decade. I hope you like the way this looks. I used to avoid frames and Flash because people complained about the time it took to download from a dial-up modem. I used to post postage stamp sized videos to save download time and bandwidth costs. I didn't worry about bandwidth or speed issues this time.

"A Resource for Video Editors and Photographers"



Send me an email with any questions, comments or suggestions: premiereuser@stevengotz.com