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  • What's New?


    I have decided that the original purpose for this page is no longer necessary. When I started it, Google was not a verb and there were very few places to find information about using Adobe Premiere Pro, finding audio or video resources, or even video related hardware.


    That has all changed now. You don't need me for that anymore.


    So now this page is transitioning to my photography page. For now all my best photos are at


    I thank the many people who have come to this site over the last dozen years looking for information. However, I have now rearranged the pages and just have two categories, photo and video.


  • About Me


    I am reasonably certain that you know by now that my name is Steven Gotz.


    I received contributing writer credit for the PeachPit Press book "Premiere Pro 1.5 for Windows : Visual QuickPro Guide", providing the information required to upgrade the previous version to Premiere Pro 1.5. That book had over 1000 screen shots.


    I also produced Learning Adobe Premiere Pro 1.5 for the online learning library™.   Learning Adobe Premiere Pro 1.5 with Steven Gotz is a movie-based tutorial designed to teach beginning users how to make the most of Adobe’s non-linear video editing application. The tutorial starts out with basic skills such as creating a new project, capturing footage, basic editing, and adding effects, and then moves on to more advanced topics such as exporting a project to different formats. The tutorial's sample footage allows users to start editing right away and practice turning raw footage into a finished product. Click on the link above to view the free sample movies, then sign up for web based training.


    Both of these projects led to other  behind the scenes work for  (now a part of LinkedIn) and other companies. I am not a  particularly creative guy by nature, but I can spot other people's mistakes quite easily so I make a decent book editor. I write a lot of instructions, and I am quite good at following them, so I am a good choice for reviewing other people's tutorials for accuracy. My specialty is finding solutions to problems, which is why I like to hang out on the  forums answering questions - many of which I didn't know the answer to until I did a bit of research. Sometimes lots of research.


    I retired from my day job in telecommunications. on April 3rd, 2015 and have dedicated my retirement to  my wife, photography , and travel.


    I have been married to a wonderful woman for over 26 years.  We live in San Lorenzo California. Laura works with children and I spend my days wandering around the Oakland Zoo, or taking headshots of people who need them for LinkedIn and other social media..

    • My Adobe Premiere Pro 1.5 tutorials are on - check them out!  The DVD is no longer available. (Insert sigh of disappointment here.) However, You can still view them online for $25 per month or buy the yearly service for a discount. There are also a lot of Premiere Pro CC tutorials available  as well as tutorials for other popular software. So it is probably time to sign up if you haven't already.





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